Ennovations has a nice experience in development of custom software solutions Software

Development or Software Application Development refers to the design, development and testing of a software in a planned and structured format. It not only involves Software Development knowledge but also requires a great amount of creativity and understanding the business requirement as well as the environment in which the business operates. We, at AKL Technologies, make sure that we understand the requirement and its criticality to the business before moving ahead with the rest of the process. Our motive is not only to generate revenue through the Software Development process but also to make sure that not only the business of our client improves with the Software Application but also earns him profits. Our effective Software Development Strategies and flexible delivery models make sure that the time to market for any Software Application is minimum while maintaining highest quality standards by improvinf the efficiency and effectiveness of the end product.

Our specialities are as follows:

Content Management System

An easy-to-use CMS editor that allows you to update, edit, add, or delete content (textual or visual) on your website. And, you don’t need to be a tech-geek to understand its functioning!

SharePoint Application

A user-friendly document management application which can be used to host websites that can access shared workplaces and documents.

Document Management System

Losing sleep over the oversized heap of documents? Opt for a technologically-driven application to manage data and information across work groups and/or enterprises.

Customer Relationship Management System

Take customer relationships to the next level. Custom-built applications that focus on your customers and help them grow. Managing customers has never been easier!

Supply Chain Management

Integrated supply management applications, covering all aspects of your supply chain. Now, manage your supplies and products more efficiently!

Sales Force Automation

Automate your sales force management functions in order to make sales lead tracking, forecasting and contacts management easier and more reliable.

Workflow Management

Improve upon your operational processes and manage your workflow through a bespoke application that conforms to your business requirements.

Custom Product Development

Use customised products that are tailor-made to suit your specific e-business needs. Be it CRM or CMS, we develop products that make your business life easier.

Custom Process Automation Application

Automate your business processes for enhanced operational and cost efficiencies. Use the saved time and resources on more important issues.

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